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High potential and gifted education

High potential and gifted education (HPGE)

The Department of Education and communities has an extensive policy regarding the implementation of high potential and gifted education programs within school.

School communities have the responsibillity to:

·         Develop effective and equitable procedures for identifying high potential and gifted education students

·         Implement developmentally appropriate programs for gifted and talented students

·         Foster collaborative home-school partnerships to support high potential and gifted educationstudents

Teachers have the responsibility to:

·         Select and implement a variety of teaching strategies for inclusion in programs for the range of gifted and talented students in their classes


At The Ponds High School we have dedicated enrichment classes for each year group as well as differentiated learning in every classroom, ensuring targeted teaching and learning activities are implemented to nurture the development of gifted and talented students.

·         Giftedness refers to potential distinctly beyond the average for the student’s age and encompasses a broad range of abilities in the intellectual, creative, socio emotional and physical domains.

·         Talent denotes achievement distinctly beyond the average for a student’s age as a result of application to training and practice.

The Ponds High School also offers a growing range of HPGE activities within the school, including:

·         A wide variety of extra-curricular activities and clubs

·         Opportunities to participate in academic competitions

·         Public Speaking and Debating

·         Participation in Project Based Learning

·         STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) opportunities

·         Professional learning for staff in the use of High potential and gifted education strategies through GERRIC (Gifted and Talented Research Resource and Information Centre)

·         high potential and gifted education student workshops focussing on problem solving and enrichment activities

·         Specialised Programs for year 7 and 8 including the Discovery Project and Genius Hour

Applications for the Year 7 HGPE Class 2022 at The Ponds High School

·         All students will be eligible to apply for the class

·         The application forms are due to the front office with payment by 15th March 2021.

·         The class will be primarily determined through achievement in the domains of literacy and numeracy

·         Students will submit an application

·         The placement panel will consider a range of data including:

o   The Ponds High School HPGE test results

o   Latest Primary School report

o   Participation in external competitions

o   School enrichment programs

o   Previous leadership experience

o   Parental comment

o   Student comment

Students will remain in a core class for English, Mathematics, Science, HSIE, PDHPE and LOTE


About the Test

The test targets literacy and numeracy skills of students and includes problem solving activities and an extended writing task. The test is generated, administered and marked externally. The cost of this test is $50 per student.

The test will take place at The Ponds High School on 27th March 2021 at 9:30am.

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