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The Ponds High School EAL/D Program

The Ponds High School is a culturally and linguistically diverse school with approximately 600 EAL/D (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) students. EAL/D students are those whose first language is a language or dialect other than Standard Australian English. The EAL/D specialist teachers and the classroom teachers work collaboratively to use culturally and linguistically inclusive strategies that support EAL/D learners to participate in class activities and help them improve their English proficiency. These strategies include encouraging the use of their first language, using scaffolds and differentiating reading, learning and assessments. In addition, the school provides in-class support, after- school workshops for EAL/D students based on their individual needs. The EAL/D specialist teachers are constantly assessing their English levels through on-going professional assessment, which ensures that they receive appropriate support from the school.