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Learning and support programs

The Learning and Support Team at The Ponds High School is looking forward to working with your child to ensure that they have the appropriate strategies and adjustments in place to allow them to reach their potential throughout their high school years.
Our mission is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate and achieve both within the classroom and in the broader educational and community settings.
Learning support starts in the classroom where our highly skilled and dedicated teachers differentiate the curriculum to support the learning needs of all the students in their classes. If your child needs additional support they are referred to the Learning and Support Team.
The Learning and Support Team is made up of a range of specialist teachers and the school counsellor. We also work closely with external health care specialists to ensure that we meet the needs of your child and provide them with the best possible opportunities to maximise their outcomes.
The Learning and Support Team currently offers the following services to support our students:

  • Personal Learning Plans - Are tailored to meet the needs of our individual students that provide both strategies for our teaching staff and strategies for the student to ensure that they are participating and learning in the most effective way.
  • Numeracy Groups - Students are selected based on their level of need and are provided with extra support in numeracy through the use of highly effective and proven numeracy programs.
  • Literacy Groups - Students who will benefit most from literacy support are selected through observation, consultation with class teachers and testing outcomes. This course is provided by dedicated and trained staff.
  • Homework Club - Homework club is available to students in the library from 3pm to 4pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Teachers and mentors are available to the students to assist them with classwork, homework and assignments.
  • Student Mentors - Students who will most benefit most from having a mentor will be provided with either a student or teacher mentor. This allows your child to have access to extra guidance, support and advice on a range of school matters and a friendly face around the school if they require additional support.

The Learning and Support Team look forward to working both with you and your child to ensure that they have the chance to reach their potential.