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The Ponds High School has a comprehensive leadership program that addresses various initiatives around the school. Each member of the Student Leadership Team serves in their role from the start of Term 3 until the end of Term 2 the following year. Our inaugural team (2019-2020) was inducted on the first day of Term 3, 2019.

Each grade has up to 24 leaders in junior years. Our Junior Leaders help manage six portfolios: Creativity and Innovation Team (CAIT), Environment, Multiculturalism, Promotions, Social Justice, and Sport. Each portfolio is headed by up to 2 senior leaders and a Staff Portfolio Coordinator.

There are up to 20 leaders in senior years. Our senior leaders are either the Heads of their portfolios, including the additional portfolio of Stage 4, or Executive leaders, including School Captains, Vice Captains, and Principal’s Representatives. 

The Student Leadership Team engages in school-wide projects in their respective portfolios. Portfolio meetings are held weekly, with additional senior leadership meetings also occurring weekly. Our major events include Multicultural Day, Environment Assembly, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, International Women’s Day, and Spirit Week.

Applications to the Junior Leadership Team (Years 7-10) open at the end of Term 1 every year. Applications for the Senior Leadership Team (Year 11) open at the start of Term 2 every year.

For more information, contact the following staff:

Mr D Tolentino Student Leadership Coordinator
Ms S Ding Mr H Sahota Creative and Innovative Team Portfolio Coordinators
Ms S Jay Ms M Borg Environment Portfolio Coordinators
Ms C Still Ms S Lin Multiculturalism Portfolio Coordinators
Ms K Morrison Promotions Coordinator
Ms J Voukelatos Ms B Trigg Social Justice Coordinators
Ms K Racker Sport Portfolio Coordinator
Ms R Jack Head Teacher Stage 4/Stage 4 Portfolio Coordinator

We thank the leadership teams and the school community for supporting all of our endeavours.