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Human society and its environment



The HSIE faculty at The Ponds High School delivers a dynamic and an engaging curriculum that makes up the diverse framework that is HSIE. Human Science and its Environment (HSIE) covers the traditional subjects of History and Geography, which are mandatory from Years 7-10. Students learn specific historical and geographical concepts and skills in the study of History and Geography. 

Students also have an opportunity to learn more about people and the societies and environments in which they live through elective courses in Year 9 and 10 including Elective History, Elective Geography and Commerce.

The HSIE faculty has passionate and expert teachers who deliver engaging, challenging and innovative programs tailored to the interests of the students. The faculty also promotes quality teaching, providing differentiation of learning experiences, use of ICT (information and communications technology) and self-regulated student inquiry supported with an emphasis on improving student literacy and numeracy, through strategies such as Super Six.

The HSIE team also provide opportunities for students to pursue extra-curricular interests and build their skills in active civics and citizenship by participating in activities such as: The History Competition, Geography Competition, Model UN and the Mastermind History Competition.

Courses for study

Stage 4 subjects

·         Geography

·         History

Stage 5 subjects

·         Mandatory Geography

·         Mandatory History

·         Elective History

·         Elective Geography

·         Commerce

Stage 6 subjects

·         Ancient history

·         Business studies

·         Economics

·         Geography

·         Legal studies

·         Modern history

·         Society and culture

·         Studies of religion II

·         Work Studies