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Parent-Teacher interviews

Parent-Teacher Interviews are an opportunity to meet your students’ parents and a great way to promote communication between school and home. They enable both the teacher and the parents to work together toward their student’s learning and social wellbeing.

The objective of parent-teacher interviews are to:

  • Involve the parents in the educational process
  • Document the student’s progress for the parents
  • Reflect on learning outcomes and goals
  • Give parents the opportunity to express feelings, questions and concerns, and  establish ongoing communication networks between the teacher, parents and student.

If you do not have any particular concerns, you might wonder whether it is worth going to parent-teacher interviews. But going along is one way to show your child that you are interested in his learning and what is happening for them at school.

Of course, if you do have concerns, it is a chance for you to raise them with your child’s teacher if you have not done that already.

Parent Teacher Interviews information

Parent Teacher interviews will be advised to parents via the school website, social media sites and all parents will recieve an email explaining the booking process including booking opening and closing times. 

All interviews conducted at The Ponds High will be conducted in the school hall.