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The Ponds High School is a community where students have the opportunity and desire to achieve their personal best in a variety of pursuits.

Sport and physical activity are a valued part of the school’s curriculum and offer many opportunity for students to develop skills in leadership, resilience and teamwork. It provides an avenue for physical, social and moral development and supports a positive learning culture.

There are a multitude of opportunities on offer for students at The Ponds High School to experience sport at variety of competitive levels in 2020. On Wednesday afternoons, Years 8, 9 and 10 have the opportunity to compete against other schools from the Macquarie Zone in Grade Sport competitions, where as other students may take up the less intensive options available in Recreational Sport. The Grade Sports on offer vary throughout the three seasons of the school calendar year and are in accordance to the organisation of Macquarie Zone.

Students in Years 7-12 are also given opportunities to represent their school, zone, region, and state in several age brackets, through the NSW Combined High Schools run competitions. The trial criteria, age criteria, gender criteria, and competition guidelines are all governed by the NSWCHS and will distinctively vary between sports. Some sports may trial students through gala days and some may hold individual trial sessions outside of school hours. As these opportunities arise throughout the year, students will be notified accordingly through the Daily Notices, giving them the chance to represent themselves and The Ponds High School at a higher level.​



Swimming – The swimming carnival is held annually and takes place in Term 1, usually in Week 4. Students travel by bus to Mount Druitt Pool for a day of competition, novelty events and house war-cries. Students are encouraged to dress in their house colours or wear their sport uniform. Successful swimmers will be invited to the Zone Carnival in March.

Cross Country – The cross country carnival is a whole school event which takes place towards the end of Term 1. Students walk up to Peel Reserve and rotate through a variety of events. This includes their cross country run, novelty activities such as skipping, relay races and tug-of-war, high jump and long jump. Successful runners will be invited to the Zone Carnival in May.

Athletics – The athletics carnival takes place in Term 2, usually in Week 4. Students travel by bus to Blacktown International Sportspark. A variety of track and field events are spread out across the day. Successful athletes will be invited to attend the Macquarie Zone Athletics Carnival in June. In addition to this, there are some specialty events, such as hurdles, pentathlon and walking, that students can nominate to compete in at Sydney West.

Grade Sport / Recreational Sport

This takes place every Wednesday (Year 8 periods 3 & 4, and Years 9-10 periods 5 & 6). Throughout the year, there are three seasons/rotations of sport where students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive sport and physical activity.

In 2020, students can trial for a variety of Grade Sports that change between each season. These include Oztag, Soccer, Touch Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Netball and Basketball. Students who are successful in making these teams play other schools within Macquarie Zone. If students prefer a less competitive environment, they can participate in a Recreational Sport. This may include Rec Touch Football, Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Contemporary Dance, Bhangra Dance, Walking, Tennis, Fitness Gym & Yoga.

Non-Sport: Students will attend non-sport, instead of Grade/Recreational Sport, ONLY if they have an illness or injury that would prevent them from participating or attending their sport that week. We still encourage students to attend their sport if possible to be a spectator. Students must provide a note from their parent/guardian to the Sport Organisers prior to sport that week. Notes WILL NOT be accepted after 8:30am each Wednesday. Any student who is unable to participate in Grade/Recreational Sport for an extended period due to injury or illness must provide a supporting medical certificate with the note from their parents.

Sport Suspension: Breaches of the Code of Conduct, or persistent/major behavioural issues, may result in the short term removal (suspension) of students from that sporting activity (at the discretion of the Sports Organisers). This would take place during the student’s next sport session, and depending on the severity, could continue for multiple weeks.

Breaches that are more serious may result in the student being removed from the team/group entirely, which may affect their selection in future sporting teams/groups. Students placed in the Sport Sin Bin, as determined by the Sports Organisers, will not be permitted to attend their regular sport a result of an indiscretion the previous week at sport. They will be supervised for the entirety of the sport session by a Deputy Principal in an allocated room. 


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